RBNYRed Bull New York (soccer team; New York and New Jersey)
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Este [BNO.sub.j[desigual a]n] se compara con el [BNO.sub.j[desigual a]n], el cual indica el beneficio proveniente de la actividad en el RBNy PSE constituye la compensacion anual por hectarea (se considera un monto del pago por SE de $500 ha-1 ano-1), que se deberia asignar al propietario del EAi.
Red Bull New York announced that they will construct a permanent training facility in Hanover, NJ that will be the new home of the entire RBNY organization.
Located in Hanover Township, off Melanie Lane, the centerpiece of the complex will be a two-story 50,000 s/f training center which will house the sporting and business sides of the RBNY organization.