RBOAResidential Boat Owners Association
RBOARegional Bureau of Agriculture
RBOARuns Below Opponent Average (baseball statistic)
RBOARichardson Boat Owners Association
RBOAReusable Business Object Architecture
RBOAReserve Bank of Australia
RBOARetired Bank Officers Association
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In this section, we design the optimal beamforming vector w for RBoA and the jointly optimized beamforming vector w and artificial noise vector [SIGMA] for RBwA to minimize the total transmit powers of all relay nodes.
In RBoA, [P.sub.R] = [P.sup.(RBoA).sub.R] = E{[x.sup.(RBoA).sub.R] [([x.sup.(RBoA).sub.R]).sup.H]} = [P.sub.A][w.sup.H][D.sub.A]w + [P.sub.B][w.sup.H][D.sub.B]w + [[sigma].sup.2][w.sup.H]w, and [SINR.sub.A], [SINR.sub.B], [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] can be found in (7), (8), (9), (10), respectively.
Compared with the [P.sub.R] of RBoA, the [P.sub.R] of RBwA has one more term, i.e., the last term tr([SIGMA]), which actually is the power of artificial noise.
It can be observed that when [SIGMA] = 0, problem (24) can be degenerated into problem (20), which implies that the feasible set of problem (20) is a subset of the feasible set of problem (24) and [P.sup.*(RBwA).sub.R] [less than or equal to] [P.sup.*(RBoA).sub.R].
Through solving the problem in (22) and (26), the total transmit power consumed by the relay nodes in RBoA and RBwA are 20.6dBW and 17dBW , respectively.
It can be observed that the infeasibility rate of RBwA is always lower than RBoA and infeasibility rates of both schemes decrease with the increase of the value of K .
It can be seen that the power consumption of RBwA is always less than that of RBoA. Additionally, the power consumption gap between the two schemes becomes gradually larger with the increase of [gamma].
It also shows that, with the increase of [[gamma].sub.E], the infeasibility rate of RBoA decreases from 74% to 40%, while the infeasibility rate of null space based scheme is unchanged with the varying [[gamma].sub.E].