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RBOCRegional Bell Operating Company
RBOCRecreational Boaters of California
RBOCRed Badge of Courage
RBOCRandom Bullets of Crap
RBOCRapid Bloom Off-Board Chaff
RBOCRate-Based Overload Control
RBOCRapid-Blooming Off-Board Countermeasures
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Louis in the RBOC survey reflected established correspondent relationships that defined the two cities as important banking centers and plausible locations for Reserve Banks.
Despite our enthusiasm, there were many of us at the Commission who recognized that it would be a challenge to find a readily-available facilities-based competitor to take on the local Regional Bell Operating Company ("RBOC") for retail voice service (which was the only service of relevance at the time).
Restrictions to entering long distance and local service markets would be lifted, making it possible for AT&T and the RBOCs to become direct competitors.
However, when considered in conjunction with the threat of competition (as proxied by the FCC providing 271 approval to an RBOC), its impact increases.
(51) The bulk of the Twombly claim relied on the observation that RBOCs simultaneously avoided business opportunities (namely, competition with another RBOC) that might have been profitable.
When Luther talked with Builder, he admitted he was doubling back, taking an especially hard look at packages from the Baby Bells, also known as regional Bell operating companies (RBOCs).
However, recall that these regressions determine the impact of RBOC InterLATA entry by estimating an average effect for the authority indicators across all the authority states.
If an RBOC with a major share of the wireless market were to acquire another wireless carrier, the stand-alone merger may invoke an antitrust response because of the increased concentration in the wireless industry of the RBOC.
With most RBOCs shooting trouble on 3% of their lines monthly - and having dispatches required on half of them - maintaining the ability to remotely test those lines is critical.
It is, therefore, more reasonable to assume that the nationwide decline in ROI was the result of deliberate RBOC policies, described above, to prevent their competitors from obtaining any return whatsoever from their investments.
Currently shipping to several customers, Turin also has trials, or trial agreements, with multiple IXCs and ILECs, an RBOC, and other leading carriers.
According to Avici the SSR is most suited for installation in regional/metro points of presences (POPs) within large RBOC, IXC, PTT and ISP networks and by carriers and service providers with smaller core network needs.