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'Despite the Marawi crisis, the investment prospects of ARMM continue to show signs of resilience and dynamism because the crisis area has effectively been contained by the government,' said Ishak Mastura, RBOI chief.
RBOI chair and managing head, lawyer Ishak Mastura, said that the approval of the project will allow JMI to enjoy incentives from the government such as income tax holidays (ITH), duty free importation on capital equipment and other applicable incentives.
RBOI chair Ishak Mastura said the investment is backed by one of the oldest food and beverage companies in the country which was established 166 years ago - Destileria Limtuaco.
In his message during the launching, lawyer Ishak Mastura, chairman and managing head of the RBOI stressed that we need champions from the private sector who have a higher purpose in mind besides profits to contribute to social cohesion in the region as exemplified in the BSFB.
"Last year, the agency registered non-agri projects but this time, the ARMM is back to agricultural investments basing on the applications submitted to RBOI," Mastura said.
RBOI Director Monir Dumama said Lam San Co., under Danny Lu, has bought the local stevedoring firm, which used to be owned by the PTC (Peptalk Investment and Development Corp., Tident Development Corp., and Central Mindanao Investment Corp.).
RBOI Director Monir Dumama said Lam San Company, under its Danny Lu, has bought the local stevedoring firm, which used to be owned by the PTC (Peptalk Investment and Development Corporation Tident Development Corporation, and Central Mindanao Investment Corporation).
Lawyer, Ishak Mastura, chairman of RBOI, explained that the reason for the conduct of regional IPP road show is to inform the participants specially potential and existing investors, members of the business community, government agencies, academe, banks and other relevant organizations about the salient features and implementing guidelines of the new IPP.
By the first quarter of 2013, Del Monte has committed to have 1,500 hectares of banana plantations with complete facilities, Regional Board of Investments (RBOI)-ARMM chair Sakiran A.
The consultation forum covered presentations of the economic activities of the ARMM, insights and concerns about investments generation in the region, investment opportunities, fiscal and non-fiscal incentives for qualified investors, process for registration under the RBOI, and review of the 2017 ARMM Investment Priorities Plan (IPP).
Regional Board of Investments (RBOI) Chair Ishak Mastura said that during the last Joint Board and Management Committee Meeting for 2015 held last Wednesday for 2015 in Cotabato City, RBOI provisionally approved the registration of the investment of Southsea Industrial Energy Corporation, a P471-million mini-oil refinery, which would include storage depots in Tubig-Indangan, Simunul, Tawi-Tawi.
24) the application of Kaltimex Rural Energy Corporation (KREC) for the registration of its energy project with RBOI to avail od fiscal and non-fiscal incentives provided by the government.