RBOMRest of Bill of Materials
RBOMRegionaal Bestuurlijk Overleg Maas (Dutch: Regional Executive Talk Maas; Netherlands)
RBOMRetail Bill of Materials
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The AR2417 also integrates the low noise amplifier (LNA) and power amplifier (PA) onto the digital CMOS system-on-chip and reduces the printed circuit board (PCB) cost by 50% and RBOM component count by over 40% compared to the 4-layer design, Atheros claims.
Its 2-layer minicard design delivers a 50 percent reduction in the printed circuit board (PCB) cost and a 25 percent reduction in rest of bill-of-materials (RBOM) component count over the previous generation's 4-layer design.
Atheros said the solution, with its two-layer minicard design, offers a 50% reduction in the printed circuit board (PCB) cost and a 25% reduction in the rest of the bill-of-materials (RBOM) component count, in comparison to the four-layer design.