RBPFRoyal Barbados Police Force
RBPFRao-Blackwellised Particle Filter (also seen as RB-PF)
RBPFRoyal Bahamian Police Force
RBPFRotor Bar Pass Frequency (mechanical engineering)
RBPFRegional Brain Parenchymal Fraction (multiple sclerosis)
RBPFRaritan Biological Production Facility (Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation; Raritan, NJ)
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For example, the United States provided training and consultations to RBPF officials on port harbor security management, and conducted a series of mobile training events on maritime law enforcement to help develop a cadre of RBDF instructors.
Centroid ID Accurate closed form Low Robust ID Accurate Iterative Low centroid Weighted ID, RSS Accurate Closed form Low centroid Linear least ID, RSS Accurate Closed form Low squares GN/LM ID, RSS Accurate Iterative Medium Importance ID, RSS Accurate Monte Carlo High sampling RSS gradient ID, RSS Accurate Grid, iterative Medium grid-point- ID, RSS Accurate Grid, closed High wise fit form or iterative RBPF ID, RSS Time-series, Monte Carlo High distribution MDS ID, RSS No Iterative Medium APLS ID No Closed form Low GN ID, RSS No Iterative Medium Genetic ID, RSS No MC, iterative High algorithm Algorithm Computat.
As part of its Strategic Planning Programme from 2007-2016, the RBPF has embarked on this National Digital Communication System (NDCS) to meet increasing expectations from citizens for public security and safety by government agencies that need to match with better service effectiveness and quality.
Compared with EKF, RBPF requires less demanding; its computation complex is reduced to O(N * log 2M).
The key idea of RBPF algorithm is to split the state space into two parts one linear state subspace and one nonlinear state subspace.
First holder of the post of Penghulu of Belait mukim, "for twenty [sic] years from 1975" (BBO Sa.27.8.2011); (53) actually retired as penghulu in 2002 (PB 7.5.2004:11); previously worked for the RBPF, BSPC and the PWD (BTO Sa.27.8.2011).
" There is a feeling among the subscribers of RBPF scheme that they have been left out of the government scheme ( that offers retirement benefits against payment of Rs 1,000 a year) only because they have subscribed to the UTI fund," Sinha said earlier.
Minister Dames also encouraged the first cohort to be a beacon of light for the next cohort of RBPF and BDOCS Officers who will begin their international phase of the training programme in the Fall of this year.
For example, the United States provided the RBPF a new 41-foot interceptor vessel in March to increase maritime capabilities in and around Nassau.
We design a combat scenario to validate our SMDM and the RBPF: on a grid map, a soldier moves to a predefined destination and tries to get far from a patrolling vehicle at the same time.
to describe these matrices, the so-called Rao-Blackwellized particle filter (RBPF) algorithm can be applied to estimate the whole state [x.sub.k] = {[x.sup.1.sub.k]; [x.sup.2.sub.k]} [20].
Rosemary Slater (nee Murray-Duncan), "widow of Jack Slater, ex-Malayan Police and Royal Brunei Police" (probably Dato Setia [cr 1965] Alexander John Waterfield Slater, acting Commissioner of the RBPF 1963-1964 and Commissioner 1964-1966), died on 15 November 2006, aged eighty-four.