RBPSRaritan Bay Power Squadron (New Jersey)
RBPSRisk-Based Performance Standards (chemical facility security; US DHS)
RBPSRisk-Based Process Safety
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A program of universal reference-based pricing (RBP) would multiply the benefits of a federal RPL.
So far, various computational methods have been developed for the identification of RBPs. Some of them have been based on sequence-derived features such as amino acid composition, dipeptide composition, composition-transition-distribution of seven physicochemieal properties, evolutionary information in terms of position-specific scoring matrices and functional domain composition (4-17).
Cis-elements recognized by RBPs for regulation of inflammatory mRNAs
The RRM and KH domains commonly exist in numerous RBPs, such as heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoproteins [37, 38], poly(A) RNA binding proteins, and the Vigilin family of proteins [4]; however, the tandemly arranged pattern of two RRM and four KH domains is unique to IGF2BPs [39].
One well-characterised posttranscriptional regulator is the HuR protein, a member of embryonic lethal abnormal vision Drosophila-like family (ELAV) of RBPs, consisting of Hel-N1/HuB, HuC, HuD, and HuR proteins, initially identified as specific tumour antigens in patients with paraneoplastic neurological phenomena [4, 5].
According to a recently proposed model, SG assembly is based on a liquid-liquid phase separation by the RBPs harboring low-complexity sequence domains [25].
These findings may hint that some circRNA may play a role in controlling the expression of mRNA through binding to RNA binding proteins (RBPs) and affecting the canonical splicing.
This class, taught by global ethylene safety experts, will begin with extended technical presentations on three ethylene-specific hazards and will also include an introduction to Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) approach.
They found 16 RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) whose depletion results in a loss of stem cell pluripotency and uncovered six RBPs (Krr1, Ddx47, Ddx52, Nol6, Pdcd11, and Rrp7a) which make up the critical protein complex called small subunit processome (SSUP), and is responsible for making ribosomes.