RBQRégie du Batîment du Québec
RBQRequest Block Queue (computing)
RBQRockin' Boppin' Queens (band)
RBQRestricted Broadcast Query
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He organised a makeover for his patients at his Kenilworth practice, Station Road, helped by food caterers The Kenilworth, jazz band RBQ Jazz, make-up artists and local hairdressers, Yellow Pepper.
The building envelope, as summarized in Table 1, was selected to fulfill the minimum requirements of the Quebec Provincial Code zone A (RBQ 1992).
A special quasigroup ([G.sub.H],*) is called a second Smarandache right Bol quasigroup ([S.sub.2nd]-right Bol quasigroup) or simply a second Smarandache Bol quasigroup ([S.sub.2nd]-Bol quasigroup) and abbreviated [S.sub.2nd] RBQ or [S.sub.2nd] BQ if and only if it obeys the second Smarandache Bol identity ([S.sub.2nd]-Bol identity) i.e [S.sub.2nd]BI
No No Follow-up 8 months Immediate Drop out (n, %) 0% 23% (n=58) Outcomes measured 1: Youth Self Report 1: Knowledge gain (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) Behavior Scale (YSR) & Risk Behavior Questionnaire (RBQ); 2: SI and behavior profile; 3: Drug and alcohol use Effect1 1: YSR and RBQ--no sig 1: Mean increase of diffs 8.9% on knowledge test (effect size = 0.79 = large) Effect2 2: "Current suicidal behaviour"--no sig diffs; hospitalization for SA--no sig diff; SI--no sig diff Effect3 3: Drug and alcohol use--no sig diffs Author Poijula et al.
RBQ Resort and RBQ Development purchased the 65-acre, 508-room hotel and resort in June 2006 for $220.5 million and spent $30 million to upgrade it.