RBRDRed Banner Rifle Division (UK)
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Tower 28 BMLC BM Brascan Lajes Corporativas 29 FLMA Continental Square Faria Lima 30 RNGO Rio Negro 31 ONEF The One 32 FVBI VBI FL 4440 33 JSRE JS Real Estate Multigestao 34 KNRI Kinea Renda Imobiliaria 35 KNCR Kinea Rendimentos Imobiliarios 36 MXRF Maxi Renda 37 RBGS RB Capital General Shopping Sulacap 38 FIIP RB Capital Renda I 39 RBRD RB Capital Renda II 40 SAAG Santander Agencias 41 SDIL SDI Logistica Rio 42 XTED TRX Edificios Corporativos 43 TRLX TRX Realty Logistica Renda I 44 XPGA XP Gaia Lote I Fonte: Elaborado pelos autores.
Figure 5 compares the PDFs of the initial design and the RBRD. The RBRD has less delay (variation) and a faster cycle time.
London: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (RBRD) was named Global Multilateral of the Year in Project Finance International's annual awards for the world of project finance.