RBRSRoyal Belgian Radiological Society
RBRSRigorous Bed Rested Subjects (sleep study)
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Correspondingly, a two-way repeated measures ANOVA was used to investigate the effect of approach angle (i.e., 0[degrees], 30[degrees], or 60[degrees]) and leg preference on 20-m side foot-kick accuracy in the RBRS test.
A significant difference in side foot-kick accuracy was also found between the accuracy in the SBRS test and the accuracy in the RBRS test where the side-foot kick was executed on the move from three different approach angles (1.00 [+ or -] 0.21 m) (t = -2.48, p = 0.021, d = -0.52).
The absolute distance from the centrally positioned target stick was influenced by both approach angle ([F.sub.2,44] = 4.29, p = 0.020, partial [eta.sup.2] = 0.16) and leg preference ([F.sub.2,44] = 4.97, p = 0.036, partial [eta.sup.2] = 0.18) in the RBRS test where the side-foot kick was executed on the move from three different approach angles.
RBR expects SCO shipments to grow across all of Europe through 2021, while EPOS will see its growth come from Central & Eastern European markets.
The Herrenknecht RBR product portfolio includes the 300VF, 400VF, 600VF and 900VF.
The greatest disadvantage of moving to an RBRS is that such a system imposes computing and reporting requirements that could be substantially more burdensome to both providers and the State than those within a system that uses historical costs.
The RBRS would operate as follows: For any facility, the total daily reimbursement would consist of:
This section presents a demonstration of the RBRS, under the assumption that one goal of the reimbursement system is budget neutrality with an existing facility-based reimbursement system.
NCR Corporation remains the worlds largest supplier of multivendor ATM middleware and application software, according to the latest research published by strategic research and consulting firm RBR. In addition, NCRs trusted CxBanking ATM software suite grew three times as fast as any other provider.
The root/total biomass ratios (RBR) of both plant species were lowest in fertilized soils.
Root production tended to be reduced more than shoot production when soil moisture increased (data not shown), but this did not lead to significant differences in RBR (Table 1).
Rhizome production (data not shown) and the RBR were not affected by soil sterilization or soil moisture (Table 1).