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RC1Release Candidate One
RC1Research Complex 1 (various locations)
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The positioning of the early generations of RC1 and RC2 backcrosses contrasted the advanced generations of backcrosses (RC3, RC4 and RC5) because the latter generations were presented close to the recurrent parents due to the high similarity presented with them (all of them above 93%).
6) RC1, RC2, RC3, SC1, L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, RO1, RO2, GO1, GO3, GO4, GO6, GO9, GO11 y R1, en este caso solo el 44% de los indicadores (RC1, L3, RO1, GO4, GO6, GO9, GO11 y R1) presentan normalidad.
RC1 [Release Candidate 1] will be released if it's without faults, but will become RC2 if it's not.
The RC1 on the EVO doesn t necessarily mean that all bugs have been ironed out, as some issues still do remain at the moment.
To assess the relation between probability of banking failure and credit risks, we began our analysis with the first credit ratio RC1 (loans / Assets).
LF sorghum received 80 kg/ha, LF and short fallow (W) winter cereal 100 kg/ha, and RC2 sorghum and RC1 winter cereal 60-80 kg/ha.
Suitably designed experimental runs have been conducted on Mettler Toledo RC1 Reaction Calorimeter to determine the thermal parameters viz.
Venue: BPP Professional Education, Aquis House, 49-51 Blagrave Street, Reading RC1 1PL
The new remote control - Gold RC1 - was presented today at the METS 2007 Exhibition in Amsterdam, Holland - the worlds biggest marine equipment trade show.
The mean organic carbon concentration was similar throughout the profile with a mean concentration of about one percent for fields RC1, RC2, and CBG55 (Figure 1).