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RC6Release Candidate 6
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RB: mild stage, which includes RB4 (radiolucency that reaches the 1/3 half of the dentin), RC: extensive stage, which includes RC5 (radiolucency reaching the A inner dentin, clinically cavitated), and RC6 (pulp radiolucency, clinically cavitated).
The selected block ciphers are AES, MARS, Serpent, RC6, Twofish and IDEA.
Only 26 (HC1, HC2, HC3, HC4, HC5, SC1, SC2, SC3, SC4, SC5, SC6, SC7, RC1, RC2, RC3, RC4, RC5, RC6, RC7, OC2, OC3, OC4, OC5, OC7, OC10, and OC11) have been found momentous constituents of Intellectual Capital as per Indian service sector.
They were MARS from IBM, RC6 from RSA Security; Twofish from Counterpane; Serpent from a British- Danish-Israeli trio of cryptographers and Rijndael (pronounced Rain-dahl) from two Belgians, Vincent Rijmen and Joan Daemen.
The selected algorithms were MARS, RC6 [TM], Rijndael, Serpent and Twofish.
MARS and RC6 use multiplication to perform diffusion, but MARS multiplies key words by data words, while RC6 multiplies words that are a combination of key and data.
While the RC6 model features fast speed and high efficiency with the use of NH3 refrigerant, series RC9 and RC11 compressors operate with ammonia in either single or two-stage applications.
Block ciphers like RC5, RC6 use DDR instructions which make them vulnerable to differential attacks.
Allah, Encryption efficiency analysis and security evaluation of RC6 block cipher for digital images" in Electrical Engineering, 2007.
As amostras foram centrifugadas (centrifuga Sorvall[R], rotor SS-34, modelo RC6 Plus, Estados Unidos) por 3min a 23450g e mantidas por 20min a temperatura ambiente.
For a RS485 communication to the subsystems of BMS, Ethernet controller board uses two pins RC6 and RC7 in the PORT C of microcontroller (Figure 3).