RCA IRicinus Communis Agglutinin Type I
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RCA is a publicly registered non-traded REIT focused on the acquisition of core retail properties, with an emphasis on multi-tenant power and lifestyle centers across the United States.
The specific gravity of RCA is usually lower than that of NCA (Hansen 1992; Yong, Teo 2009).
The bulk density of RCA is significantly lower than that of NCA (Hansen 1992; Juan, Gutierrez 2004), as evident from Table 1.
The pore volume of RCA is substantially higher than that of NCA (Table 1).
The absorption of RCA is significantly higher than that of NCA (Rahal 2007; Evangelista, de Brito 2007; Yang et al.
RCA is generally thought of as old PCC pavement, bridge structures/decks, sidewalks, curbs and gutters that are being removed from service.
RCA is able to meet gradation and angularity requirements.
The RCA is also believed to be recommending that pooled-rights funds would be distributed 50 per cent to the racecourses, 30 per cent for prize-money-to be determined by the RCA, Racehorse Owners' Association and the BHB-and five per cent for integrity services.