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RCAFRoyal Canadian Air Force
RCAFRoyal Cambodian Armed Forces
RCAFRoyal Canadian Air Farce (CBC Comedy)
RCAFReplication Coupling Assembly Factor (genetics)
RCAFRail Cost-Adjustment Factor
RCAFRail Connector and Alignment Fixture
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This was very much rooted in the underfunding of the RCAF in the 1930s, King's initial vision of a "limited liability" war for Canada, and just a general failure of the King government to defend Canadian interests.
Added Pont, JAM is planning to restore another of its CT-133's in the iconic gold, red and white scheme of the RCAF Golden Hawks display team.
To start the gunnery refinement process, the RCAF began looking at the offensive tactical employment of door-mounted gunnery through an overall approach consisting of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) for close combat attack.
Among those attending was former RCAF pilot Craig Richmond, now chief executive of Peel Airports, operators of Durham Tees Valley.
El 16 de junio de 1944 Luis Perez Gomez y sus camaradas del escuadron 433 de la RCAF, basado en Inglaterra, abordaron sus aviones Spitfire para apoyar a las tropas aliadas que 10 dias antes habian desembarcado en Normandia (al norte de Francia) en el famoso "Dia D".
I FLEW out of North Luffenham in Rutland with the RCAF in the 1950s.
As a young pilot, Karl was inspired by men who flew in the RCAF.
He was wounded during the Battle of Britain, and retired as a RCAF group captain in 1945.
The upgrade, according to RCAF sources, will provide the Hornets with new computers, radar, and radios, as well as improved EW self-protection capabilities, under an incremental program.
The novel The Angled Road (1952) tells of a young man's <IR> RCAF </IR> experience in World War II.