RCEWRajasthan College of Engineering for Women (India)
RCEWReynolds Creek Experimental Watershed (Idaho)
RCEWRedwood Coast Energy Watch (Eureka, CA)
RCEWRegional Center for Education & Work (St. Louis, MO)
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Marks says: "Two characteristics of the RCEW, and western mountains in general, accentuate the sensitivity of the region to this shift from a snow-dominated to a rain-dominated regime, especially at low to mid elevations.
Marks says that "this is an important consideration, because most of our snow-measurement sites across the western United States, such as the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service's SNOTEL (Snow Telemetry) system, are high-elevation measurement sites that can't detect the strong trends shown in our analysis of the RCEW at the mid to low elevations.
While annual total streamflow volume has not changed at the RCEW over the last 50 years, more streamflow occurs during winter and early spring and less during summer.