RCT3Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 (game)
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RCT3 played a crucial role in accomplishing the course goals because it provided the basis for situating students' learning of systems thinking.
The teacher's knowledge of RCT3 evolved over the period of the intervention.
Except for purchasing RCT3, the teacher did not have to request additional technological resources to use PCaRD.
As her comprehension of RCT3 and PCaRD deepened, the teacher became competent at incorporating relevant features of the game in her lesson plans and scaffolding student understanding during class.
Students were also observed playing RCT3 in the computer lab during their free time.
In RCT3 you'd have rides, food stands, trees, employees to build an amusement park...and for people to have fun"
Our approach aided the teacher in developing a flexible knowledge of RCT3 in terms of its pedagogical affordances and embedded content for systems thinking in the context of its use (e.g., course goals, existing practices, middle school) (Foster & Mishra, 2011).