RCTBRecombinant Cholera Toxin B Subunit (immunogen)
RCTBReserve Components Troop Basis
RCTBReasonable Cause To Believe
RCTBReclam the Bay (Ocean County, NJ)
RCTBRural Communities Technology Board
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Dam is essential for replication of Chr2 because the initiator protein RctB binds to the target sites in ori2 only when they are methylated [14,16,32].
Waldor, "Independent control of replication initiation of the two Vibrio cholerae chromosomes by DnaA and RctB," Journal of Bacteriology, vol.
Finally, the rCTB was strongly and specifically recognized by rabbit polyclonal anti-CTB antibody which indicates its immune reactivity.
To confirm specific affinity of the pentameric rCTB, the GM1-ELISA method was carried out.
In this study we tried to express native rCTB in E.coli M15 expression system.
In addition, GM1-ganglioside ELISA binding assay demonstrated that the rCTB protein produced in E.coli represents a strong affinity to GM1 receptor.
More importantly, unconjugated rCTB has also been found to induce long-lasting protection from diabetes in NOD mice (65).
Following the identification of a BD-specific peptide (p336-351) within the human 60kD heat-shock protein, it was found that oral tolerization could be induced in Lewis rats by linking the peptide to rCTB, effectively reducing the incidence of uveitis from 65.8 to 16.7 per cent (67).
Most probably, the greatest contribution towards alleviating this age-old disease is the incorporation of rCTB itself in the vaccine preparation.
5-20-fold higher levels of CFs per [10.sup.10] bacteria than the best clinical isolates LCTB\4 hybrid protein replacing rCTB Usage of dmLT or alternative mucosal adjuvant if preclinical and clinical studies show enhancement of mucosal immune responses CFs, colonization factors; CFA, colonization factor antigen; CS, coli surface antigen; dmLT, double-mutated