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RCTCRochester Community and Technical College (Rochester, MN)
RCTCRiverside County Transportation Commission
RCTCRewritable Consumer Time Code
RCTCRochester Community & Technical College (Minnesota
RCTCRegional Collective Training Capability (US Army)
RCTCRewriteable Consumer Time Code
RCTCRikkyo Cyclist's Touring Club (Rikkyo University; Japan)
RCTCRefundable Child Tax Credit (Canada)
RCTCReserve Components Training Center
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One of the first things they agreed on was that ABE staff with the same credentials as RCTC faculty could teach "articulated" classes--courses that met both basic-education and community-college standards--to ABE students.
In Chapter 5, Halverson-Wente and Halverson-Wente present the case of Rochester Community and Technical College's (RCTC) work in Cambodia and propose the notion of "reciprocity-based ISL" (p.
Chuill served as one of the interpreters, helping the RCTC group navigate a foreign land.
Under this new contract, Iteris will be converting the existing IVR platform to its proprietary IVR to reduce ongoing costs and streamline the operations and maintenance of the overall 511 system, reporting regularly to RCTC on system up-time and user statistics.
Indian thoroughbreds, meanwhile, are exported to places like Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai, where they win big races against international competition," says RCTC's Madan.
The company will report regularly to RCTC on system up-time and user statistics, as well as providing for the hosting of the IVR system, reducing demands on RCTC staff.
Set up in 1847, RCTC is the oldest racing club in India.
Established in 1979, the RCTC is an addiction treatment and recovery agency located in a Midwestern state in the USA.
A similar study using blood agar plates and sterile swabs was recently conducted with the Phlebotomy Technician students at Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC).
The diverse elements of the project required the close cooperation of three state and local agenciesothe California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC), and the Riverside County Transportation and Land Management Agency - which resulted in its completion ahead of schedule and under budget.
Favorably, the opening of RCTC's connecting managed lanes in March 2017 indicates that the systems are complementary, with over half of OCTA express lane customers connecting into the RCTC express lanes.
Tenders are invited for "Collection and transportation of WEEE / disused electrical and electronic equipment / to UNWE and RCTC - Haskovo" with two distinct positions: Lot 1 "Collection and transportation of WEEE / disused electrical and electronic equipment / of UNWE and Lot 2 "Collection and transportation of WEEE / disused electrical and electronic equipment / of RCDT - Haskovo"