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RCXRamus Circumflexus
RCXRadio Control Expo (Wilton, CT)
RCXRobotic Command Explorer (Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System Kit)
RCXRobot Command Explorer
RCXRetail Customer Experience (Amazon.Com, Inc.; Seattle, WA)
RCXRobotic Convoy Experiment
RCXRF Cross Connect
RCXRadio Control Experience
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The RCX Trust Rating[TM] is a complex algorithm that uses data collected from the individual coin's community and developers, as well as its market activity.
Our new RCX rebate program is a timely price changer, with hunting seasons getting into full swing and the holidays drawing near.
RCX enables real estate agents, asset managers, property preservationists and others in the mortgage servicing industry to produce repair estimates based on the same, continuously updated, nationwide costs used by national insurance carriers and claims specialists.
Modified trucks can climb scaled-down mountains at the RCX Radio Control Expo this weekend.
The RCX, the main component of the Lego robotics kits (it will be explained in more detail below), provides a powerful platform because it combines the concrete Lego blocks with programming abilities, allowing people to truly support constructions in the mind with constructions in the real world.
Signals bounce between them, and on the control box display screen we could get an RCX reading.
Over the years 1987 to 1998, the programmable brick evolved into its current state--Figure 2 shows the programmable brick in its manufactured form, as the LEGO robotic command explorer or RCX as it is commonly called.
Our lucky winner can choose between the RCX 10 and 12 models (whichever is most appropriate).
Each sensor is soldered to a force sensitive resistor and a double wire, which carries electrical signals to a LEGO RCX microcomputer attached to the runner's leg.
Once kids have devised their own programs by combining commands, they can have an infrared ray transmitter transfer them to the RCX microcomputer to be installed into each robot, it said.
At the heart of Mindstorm is RCX, a Lego brick containing a micro-chip that can handle up to 1,500 commands simultaneously.
The Baker Hughes RCX (TM) Sentinel obtained fluid samples for safer, cleaner, and faster sampling.