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Caption: Figure 4: Radiochemical yield (RCY) of [[sup.18]F][AmBF.sub.3]-TEG-ES in pyridazine-HCl buffer (1.0 M, pH 2.0-2.5) at different incubation temperature.
tCys, fCys, rCys, and oxCys were also significantly higher in stroke patients.
(16) determined the mean half-lives of the following aminothiols in nonacidified EDTA plasma incubated at 4 and 22 [degrees]C, respectively: rHcy, 44 and 14.3 min; rCys, 80 and 36.8 min; rCysGly, 60 and 24.1 min; and rGSH, 38 and 11.7 min.
In addition, we have shown that Stabilyte can also maintain whole blood rHcy and rCys concentrations up to 4 h and rCysGly and rGSH up to 8 h at room temperature (18-23 [degrees]C).
With the exception of rCys, these findings are consistent with those found previously in patients with peripheral vascular disease (12) and renal disease (13).
Recent evidence suggests that disturbances in the concentrations of rHcy and rCys may affect cellular-mediated reactions that involve the oxidation of LDL, a key step in atherogenesis (37-40).
The manual method assured the highest RCY (>95% for yttrium-90 and >98% for lutetium-177, resp.), thanks to the fact that the reaction occurred directly inside the radioactivity delivery vial.
60 minutes and assured a RCY around 90% for both yttrium-90 and lutetium-177 with the greater loss due to radioactivity remaining in the delivery vial or small leaks during the transfer.
By using this approach a statistically significant lower RCY (around 83% for both [sup.90]Y- and [sup.177]Lu-DOTATOC) was obtained.
However, it is worth noticing that the lower RCY compared to the other two approaches is economically impacting because it implies to start the labelling with a radionuclides amount 10-15% higher than the other two methods in order to obtain the same amount of final product to deliver to patients.