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RD1Region of Difference 1
RD1Radarman First Class (USN Rating)
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All study isolates (n=75) yielded RD1 fragments of 924 bp that corresponds to the RD1 size of F.
The experimenter presented stimulus A1 or A2 (flags) and the child had to deliver the verbal responses RD1 ("Doha") or RD2 ("Damascus").
However, mice lacking RD1 took up to two weeks to recover and had evidence of early signs of cell death in the retinas (bit.
RD1 is part of a 15-gene locus (ESX-1), which encodes a secretion system that enables the secretion of several proteins including Esat6, Cfp10 and Mpt64 which are also encoded in RD1 (Hsu et al.
Se confirmo la identidad de la bacteria por la caracterizacion molecular con la tecnica de PCR con los oligonucleotidos universales FD1 y RD1, que amplifican el gen ADNr 16s (Rodrigues et al.
2] Indicator RD1 is|are defined RD2 is | are RC1 The| A Characteristic| Characteristics RE1 This is an| the example| examples IdR [CR.
Researchers now have evidence that RD1 controls the production of three proteins that help the bacteria inject toxic lipids into the cells of their hosts.
Through the orbiting action of the diaphragm the RD1 achieves an incomparable lift of 7 metres together with the ability to pump air and water up 20 metres.
For more information, contact: Treetops Lodge & Estate, 351 Kearoa Road, RD1, Horohoro, Rotorua, New Zealand; +64 7 333 2066; www.
Cluster II included all the accessions from Central America (bootstrap = 53%), except RD1, from the Dominican Republic, which clustered independently (bootstrap = 98%).
At the end of 1976, the plant produced what was then the largest radial tyre in the world, the 60/65 XR57 RD1 *A, with a weight of 4,280 kg.
RD2 Butastur indicus HN, RD1, RD2 Accipiter trivirgatus BB, TS, BS, RD2 Accipiter gularis TS, RD2 Spizaetus cirrhatus BB, IH, TS, RD1 BS, RD2 Spizaetus nanus BB, TS, RD1, RD2 Spizaetus alboniger WG, IH, RD1, BS, RD2 FALCONIDAE Microhierax fringillarius BB, TS, BS, RD2 Falco peregrinus BS ANSERIFORMES ANATIDAE Dendrocygna javanica BB, BS Dendrocygna arcuata RD2 GALLIFORMES PHASIANIDAE Coturnix BS, chinensis RD2 Melanoperdix nigra LJ, RD2 (int.