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RD2Radarman Second Class (USN Rating)
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The RD2 of MTB encodes 11 ORF (from Rv1978-Rv1989c) which contribute to bacterial virulence.
Verma, "Utility of a combination of RD1 and RD2 antigens as a diagnostic marker for tuberculosis," Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease, vol.
The experimenter presented stimulus A1 or A2 (flags) and the child had to deliver the verbal responses RD1 ("Doha") or RD2 ("Damascus").
Note that this paper is interested in firms which are able to conduct three R&D strategies internal R&D (rd1), external R&D (rd2) and cooperative R&D (rd3).
(RD2): --[...] na lingua de origem/agora o que eu faco/assim/com os textos da Idade Media/como a lingua passou/tava passando pelo processo de evolucao/entao o aluno vai ter mais dificuldades/ entao o que eu faco para solucionar um pouco essa dificuldade do aluno/e trabalhar/as vezes/com obras adaptadas (P-2).
tuberculosis complex subspecies defined by the presence of genomic regions RD1, RD2, RD4, RD5a, RD6, RD13-RD16, RD701, and RD702, by the C-to-G SNP in [mmpL6.sup.551], and by the deletion of regions RD3, RD5b, RD7-RD12, RDoryx_1, RDoryx_4, and RDoryx_wag22.
The resistors RD1, RD2, RL1, and RL2 are taken as the loads.
In general, the AEMC values of runoff pollutants in different phases from urban roads (RD1 and RD2) were higher than the ones from urban roofs (RF1, RF2, and RF3).
RESULTS Greg O'Neill (Horden) bt Dan Blackwell 40-36; Tommy Ward (Birtley) bt Elemir Rafael 40-36; Callum Winton (Hartlepool) drew with v Steve Martin; David Dolan (Sunderland) bt Simeon Cover 40-36; Craig Dixon (Gateshead) bt William Warburton 39-37; Glenn Foot (Sunderland) bt James Flinn (TKO, rd3); Peter Cope (Hartlepool) bt Gavin Reid (Redcar) 98-92; Robert Ismay (Gateshead) bt James Tucker 40-36; Paul Archer (Easington) bt Matt Seawright 60-53; Mohammed Waqas (Middlesbrough) bt Anwar Alfaldi 40-36; Lee Mould (Sunderland) bt Kristian Laight 40-36; Willie Casey bt Jason Booth 116-102, 115-114, 115-114; Mark Clauzel (Newcastle) bt Steve Spence 40-37; Anthony Nelson (South Shields) bt James Ancliff TKO rd2; Shafiq Asif (Middlesbrough) bt Ibrar Riyaz 40-36.
International Resource News-January 30, 2012--Strata-X, Inc.'s 6-31 RD2 ST1 stepout well reaches total depth of 3,952 feet(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.enpublishing.co.uk
SPL: Hearts v Celtic (12.45pm) Premiership: Bolton v Chelsea (1.30pm), Fulham v QPR (3pm), Swansea v Stoke (3pm), Tottenham v Arsenal (4pm) Championship: Nott Forest v Birmingham (3pm) TUESDAY Johnstone's Paint Trophy Rd2: Gillingham v Barnet (7pm), Huddersfield v Bradford (7pm), Scunthorpe v Oldham (7pm), Exeter v Swindon (7.15pm), Rochdale v Walsall (7.15pm), Morecambe v Preston (7.30pm), Wycombe v Cheltenham (7.30pm, Accrington v Tranmere, Wimbledon v Stevenage, Aldershot v Oxford, Bournemouth v Yeovil, Dag & Red v Southend, Notts County v Chesterfield, Rotherham v Sheffield Utd.