RD3Radarman Third Class (USN Rating)
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a b h/m r/m t/ns RD1 line 0.70 0.56 0.52 0.13 6.26 RD2 line 0.74 0.58 0.54 0.13 6.55 RD3 line 0.55 0.49 0.56 0.08 6.14 RD4 line 0.50 0.46 0.54 0.08 5.56 RD5 line 0.74 0.61 0.50 0.17 5.81
"The fact that someone was actually waiting for me is what got me there (RD3)"
Kannabiran et al., "Premature truncation of a novel protein, RD3, exhibiting subnuclear localization is associated with retinal degeneration," American Journal of Human Genetics, vol.
(9) These tau isoforms can be comfortably detected immunohistochemically by 3R- or 4R-specific antibodies RD3 and RD4, respectively.
The dependent variables in the multivariate probit model are the three R&D strategies: internal R&D (rd1), external R&D (rd2) and cooperative R&D (rd3).
RESULTS Greg O'Neill (Horden) bt Dan Blackwell 40-36; Tommy Ward (Birtley) bt Elemir Rafael 40-36; Callum Winton (Hartlepool) drew with v Steve Martin; David Dolan (Sunderland) bt Simeon Cover 40-36; Craig Dixon (Gateshead) bt William Warburton 39-37; Glenn Foot (Sunderland) bt James Flinn (TKO, rd3); Peter Cope (Hartlepool) bt Gavin Reid (Redcar) 98-92; Robert Ismay (Gateshead) bt James Tucker 40-36; Paul Archer (Easington) bt Matt Seawright 60-53; Mohammed Waqas (Middlesbrough) bt Anwar Alfaldi 40-36; Lee Mould (Sunderland) bt Kristian Laight 40-36; Willie Casey bt Jason Booth 116-102, 115-114, 115-114; Mark Clauzel (Newcastle) bt Steve Spence 40-37; Anthony Nelson (South Shields) bt James Ancliff TKO rd2; Shafiq Asif (Middlesbrough) bt Ibrar Riyaz 40-36.
2012 Protyre Formula Renault BARC Championship Driver Standings (after Rd3): 1st Josh Webster, 88pts; 2nd Seb Morris, 74pts
Berlin, Germany, April 14, 2012 --(PR.com)-- mikrosonic has released version 1.5 of the RD3 HD - Groovebox, a music creation app for Android devices that combines two 303-style analog synthesizers, a beat section with drum kits from classic drum machines and free assignable audio effects.
Two types of rutile [TiO.sub.2] pigments (R660 and RD3) manufactured by Sachtleben, Finland, were selected for this study.
The correlation of the TCI-R facets with age is also shown, with the highest coefficients being with NS1, NS4, HA2, RD3, PS1, PS3, and SD4.
Cuatro dimensiones de temperamento: Busqueda de Novedades o NS (NS1: excitabilidad exploratoria; NS2: impulsividad; NS3: extravagancia; NS4: desorden), Evitacion del dano o HA (HA1: preocupacion; HA2: evitacion de riesgos; HA3: timidez; HA4: fatigabilidad), Dependencia a recompensas o RD (RD1: sentimentalismo; RD2: calidez; RD3: apego/apertura; RD4: conformidad) y Persistencia o P (P1: esforzado; P2: trabajador; P3: ambicion; P4: perfeccionismo).