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RDACRedundant Disk Array Controller
RDACRebel Diaz Arts Collective (South Bronx, NY)
RDACRecombinant DNA Advisory Committee (India)
RDACReport of the Department of Antiquities, Cyprus
RDACRecruiting District Assistance Council (US DoD)
RDACRemote Data Acquisition and Control
RDACRobust Dynamic Admission Control
RDACRisk Decision Authority Criteria (information security engineering)
RDACResistive Digital to Analog Converter
RDACRapid Damage Assessment Capability
RDACResearch, Development, & Acquisition Committee
RDACResearch and Development Advisory Council
RDACResearch, Development and Acquisition Council
RDACRemote Device Array Controller (Swisslog)
RDACRoland Digital Audio Compression
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To compare dosing patterns of rocuronium, we used the RDAC method, which is a pharmacometric calculation method (7) employing both the administered repetitive individual drug doses (mg k[g.sup.-1]) and the timing of each drug administration in relation to a defined reference time.
* Rocuronium dosage profile (according to RDAC) (Biro 2013).
However, when the timing context was included to describe the dosing pattern by comparing RDAC, a statistically significant difference to the natural decay group (Z) was found (Table 2), albeit there was a large overlap of rocuronium dosing in all three groups (Figure 1).
Comparando los resultados de superficie en el RDAD (31,78 [+ o -]2,59) y en el RDAC (50,11[+ o -]4,65) se encontraron diferencias estadisticamente significativas (p<0,05) de forma que al ir calzado aumento la superficie de apoyo en el retropie.
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