RDAEFRegistered Dental Assistant in Extended Functions
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The California GR Committee Chair, Claudia Pohl, reported the following information at the CDAA Board of Directors Meeting in December 2016: Much activity relative to RDAs and RDAEFs as the work on the regulatory language continues.
* Regulatory Workshops--December 16th will be the final workshop of stakeholders and the Council to work on the regulatory language governing RDA's and RDAEF's.
* Joan Greenfield will be making a presentation at the December DBC/DAC meeting regarding a proposed course for RDAEF's that would include anesthesia and nitrous oxide.
I was a back office assistant--I have my RDAEF! Then I began to look at the big picture.
Considered CDKs request for the Alliance's support of removing the RDAEF duty of cementing endo points, circulated proposed positions to constituent groups, provided a final position to CDA, and monitored discussion of the issue at the November 2009 Board meeting.
If these regulations are not in place by this date, there will be no laws to govern RDA, RDAEF, IC, OA and DSA programs and courses.
The RDAEF will have more duties added to this licensed category and the program will be lengthened.
The RDA and RDAEF will stay in effect and licentiates can add one or both of the new permits.
Borquez, CDA, RDAEF, FADAA Chair, ADAA Committee for Volunteerism