RDAIRespiratory Distress Assessment Index
RDAIRespiratory Disease Assessment Instrument
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Qin, "RDAI: Router-based Data Aggregates Identification Mechanism for Named Data Networking," in Proc.
Laboratorio de Recubrimientos Duros y Aplicaciones Industriales (RDAI), Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia.
Based on the Respiratory Assessment Change Score (RACS)--which uses the RDAI score and a standardized change in respiratory rate to assess respiratory status changes--the normal saline group showed clinically significant improvement (a RACS of--3) after an hour, whereas the hypertonic saline group did not.
Parameters of respiratory rate and presence of wheeze were monitored daily and scored according to a Respiratory Distress Assessment Instrument (RDAI) in which the minimum score was zero and maximum score was 17 based on clinical parameters of respiratory distress.6
The main explanatory variables include Multinationality (MULTI) and R&D and Advertising Intensity (RDAI).
Eligible infants were between 2 and 23 months of age, had bronchiolitis, and had baseline Respiratory Disease Assessment Instrument (RDAI) scores of 6 or greater.
Eddy De Gabriele, Chair of Regional Development Australia Illawarra (RDAI) said the $2.3 million EE3A project would gather data from up to 800 Illawarra households over the next 18 months.
Architect Denis Montel, managing director and artistic director of Rena Dumas Architecture Interieure (RDAI), on designing Hermes's new Beverly Hills boutique on Rodeo Drive:
Profesor titular, Director Laboratorio de Recubrimientos Duros y Aplicaciones Industriales RDAI, Universidad del Valle.e-mail: fsequeda@yahoo.com.
Actualmente uno de estos grupos interdisciplinarios que le esta apostando a la articulacion entre la academia, el Estado y la industria en el area de la tribologia y la lubricacion a traves de la gestion y la innovacion, es el conformado por la empresa UMACO & CIA SAS, el Centro ASTIN del Sena y el laboratorio de recubrimientos duros y aplicaciones industriales (RDAI) de la Facultad de Ingenieria de la Universidad del Valle.
It has been designed by RDAI, the Paris-based interior architecture agency founded by Rena Dumas, which handles the design of all HermE s stores worldwide.