RDAMRainy Days and Mondays (song)
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C - David Cassidy's (1) debut album, 1972 RDAM - Chucking it down for The Carpenters G - Scorsese crime drama movie, 1990 BA - Dennis Quaid (2) movie from 1979 IAK - Stuart Hall (3)TV show TITLE TEASER Solve the clues and rearrange the words to find the Channel 4 show that gave a comic review of each day's Paralympics action.
She finished off a memorable meal with homemade honeycomb i c e -c ream (fantastic) smothered in chocolate sauce, while I enjoyed some O ld Am s t e rdam cheese (a bit like served good, r unchy oatcakes and a little bit of quince jelly.
The no syllable does not occur at the end of Line 1.1, but the last syllable rdam is longer (covering a full crotchet beat) whereas in Line 1.2 no steals time from this syllable (making both of them quavers).