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RDASRevised Dyadic Adjustment Scale (behavioral science)
RDASResearch and Development Assistance Scheme (various organizations)
RDASRadar Data Acquisition System
RDASRemote Data Acquisition Station
RDASRequirements Definition and Analysis Summary
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In 1952 the California legislature allowed municipal governments to form RDAs in urban areas deemed blighted.
At the time RDAs were first conceived, federal urban renewal grants required large cities to provide matching funds.
The spokesman added that RDAs would be engaging with local partners and urged any parties interested in buying an asset to approach the agencies directly.
Last night, a Business Department spokeswoman said the disposal of RDA assets was a complex process.
The report, Strategy Development and Partnership Working in the RDAs, records concern about the level and type of business representation on the RDA boards and says the approach of some RDAs to business consultation had been inappropriate.
The agencies are also rapped for failing to develop close links with ethnic minority business networks, although it claims some RDAs are addressing this issue.
A well-balanced diet will contain more than the RDA for all vitamins.
For nonsmokers, the RDA for vitamin C, issued 11 years ago, was 60 milligrams for adults and 70 mg for pregnant women.
The new report more than doubles the RDA for vitamin E--which occurs naturally as RRR-alpha-tocopherol--to 15 mg, or 22 international units (IU), for adults.
To determine these values, seven panels of scientists appointed by IOM will consider the roles nutrients play in preventing disease, something current RDAs don't account for.
Vitamin K and selenium gained their first RDAs. Found in green, leafy vegetables, vitamin K aids in the production of several important proteins and in blood clotting.
RDA was pursuing strict policy to control illegal schemes in its jurisdiction and sent letters to all the departments concerned including the State Bank of Pakistan, District Collector of Rawalpindi, Overseas Pakistanis Foundation, police, utility service departments, PEMRA and the advertising companies in an effort to save the citizens from any fraud, he said.