RDATARead Data
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rdata:401928AA 0000004 HST BOARD_HEIST_PLANNING - This is the source code used in the planning board to start planning a Crew Heist mission.
Since the performance gain of our proposed CR-MAC protocol is independent of various network settings, including the content window size W, the number of stations n and the transmission data rate Rdata, CR-MAC protocol can be finely compatible with other mechanisms such as backoff optimization and rate adaption.
There are two register blocks, RDATA and RCONT R, in the MP: the register block in the data part consists of 4 general data registers RDATA = R1, R2, R3, R4 and the control part includes 2 control registers RCONT R = PC, AR where PC is the program counter, and AR is the address register for addressing the data.
In this study, we only considered text, data, rsrc, rdata, and reloc sections because they are commonly present in the executables.
MAC parameters for IEEE 802.11 Parameter Value SIFS 10 [micro]s DIFS 50 [micro]s [sigma] (SLOT) 20 [micro]s CWmin, CWmax, m 32,256, 3 MACheader 240 bits + 32 bits PHYheader 192 bits Lk 1452.76 bytes LACK 112 + PHYheader Rdata 2 Mbps Rbasic 1 Mbps
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