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RDBMSRelational Database Management System
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Having lost all the advantages of the RDBMS, and gained a lot of operational headaches in return, those involved in cloud-based infrastructure services and large-scale web applications almost simultaneously came to the same conclusion: We need a non-relational distributed DBMS.
With the power and reliability of today's RDBMSS, IT teams strongly believe it makes sense to use the RDBMS in place to perform the data integration work.
One of the most important advantages of the RDBMS platform is the ease of modifying the LIS as needed.
More information about the ESG Market Landscape Report Beyond RDBMS: Not Only SQL Databases Challenge the RDBMS Status Quo is available at the ESG website.
As a Hadoop RDBMS, Splice Machine delivers all of the functionality and performance we need.
Large RDBMS vendors are continuing to seek to broaden their range of addressable opportunities by acquiring smaller niche DBMS technology vendors.
a leading provider of cross-platform document management and workflow solutions - today announced that it will release its Optix Document Management and Workflow suite of products running with the popular Firebird RDBMS for Mac OS X.
5 is the first RDBMS to incorporate an integrated XQL query facility featuring an open query-engine which can search XML documents residing in the database, stored in a file, or even remotely from a URL.
According to IDC, Oracle's share of the 1999 worldwide RDBMS software market increased to 42.
RDBMS users find themselves locked into high-cost, non-compatible products, but ANTs has developed a proven alternative that combines high performance and compatibility at significantly lower cost Co which should make for a compelling value proposition to customers.
Angara provides a fully functional RDBMS that leverages the speed of DRAM access to support today's complex, database- intensive business applications, especially electronic commerce implementations.
As a result, users of EMPRESS RDBMS can address one of today's most critical security threats -- data left unprotected within applications, databases, and storage systems.