RDBSRelational Data Base System (also seen as RDB)
RDBSRadio Data Broadcasting System (cars)
RDBSRouting Data Base System (from which LERG is created)
RDBSRoyal Danish Ballet School (Denmark)
RDBSRapid Deployment Barrier System
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The Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Government of Sri Lanka, and the Regional Development Bank (RDB) signed loan and guarantee agreements to further assist Sri Lanka to provide affordable and accessible credit to rural micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the country.
When he created the concept for the "Rifle, Downward ejecting, Bullpup (RDB)," he was just following through with a design career that has rarely seen the inside of the box.
The borrowings through RDBs remained unchanged in October this year.
At the global level, the World Bank provides multilateral development banking, while at the regional level, RDBs have been part of the international financial architecture since the late 1950s.
Include the B x k matrix T, P < k [less than or equal to] B, and the mapping X [right arrow] y = [T.sup.H] x from ESP to RDBS, a new set of observation result, consisting of k-dimensional vectors.
SQL variants are different as the RDBS solutions that run them, but they share a common foundation: Structured content is stored in tables and columns; the queries use those tables and columns to search for content stored in a given row or field, otherwise known as a database record.
Los enfoques como solucion a la correspondencia de instancias consideran como informacion de entrada los nombres de columnas, filas, atributos de esquemas de XML y RDBS etc.
16 August 2010 - Fitch lifted on Monday to BBB+(lka) from BBB(lka) the ratings of Sri Lanka-based regional development banks (RDBs) Sabaragamuwa Development Bank (SDB) and Uva Development Bank (UDB), revising their outlook to "stable" from "positive".
* A web page defined in HTML or Dynamic HTML (DHTML) controls the visual display that the user of the WBDB sees and * An interface receives information from the user and passes it to the RDBMS, extracts information from the RDB (with the assistance of the RDBMS), and provides the information to the web page, whose HTML or DHTML structure makes the information visible.
Both plant historian and RDB capability are provided for storage of the new predicted values and an S95 data model provides unique context to both the raw data and the predicted data.
The next version of IBM's DB2, code-named Viper, fully integrates native XML text storage with relational databases (RDBs).
Sonja Andersen, Frank's mother, was a student at the Royal Danish Ballet School (RDBS) and.