RDCPDemocratic Rally of the Cameroon People (Cameroon)
RDCPResource Data Collection and Processing (Sprint)
RDCPRedundancy Dependent Chance Programming
RDCPRubredoxin from Clostridium Pasteurianum
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The LCPM output retained a very similar visual appearance and statistical structure to the RDCP measurements, both having a 1 h time step.
In addition to high [H.sub.s], a 7.3 m maximum wave height and a peak wave period of 10.9 s were recorded using the RDCP. It is still hardly reproducible using the given winds (storm Billie; 21.8 m [s.sup.-1] hourly average westerly wind at Pakri, gusts up to 31 m [s.sup.-1]) and the 20 m deep location.
Wave modelling was performed at the 'RDCP location' with given coordinates, exposure and depth.
where [FU.sub.gp] is feed unit for growing pig; [FU.sub.gs] is feed unit for gestating sow, RDCP is in vitro ileal digestible CP, RDCF is calculated ileal digestible fat, IDC is ileal digestible carbohydrate, FC is fermentable carbohydrate and EUD[M.sub.i] is enzyme undigested ileal DM, where FU is expressed on a DM basis and other components are based on g/kg DM.
Calculations of energy values for diets in the potential physiological energy (PPE) system (1) Nutrient Energy fraction Calculation of fractions (g/kg) factor (kJ/g) RDCP (2) CP x EDN (7)/100 9.9 RDCF (3) Crude fat x 0.9/100 31.7 EDC (4) OM (8) x EDOMi (9)/100-(RDCP + RDCF) 11.7 FERMC (5) OM x (EDOM (10)-EDOMi)/100 7.0 EIDMi (6) OM x (100-EDOMi)/100 + 0.3 x Ash -2.8 (1) Derived from Boisen (2007).
The RDCP has a cut-off period of about 4 s for our mooring depth and cannot provide proper calibration data for wave periods, i.e.
Our first effort was based on hourly Vilsandi wind data and the hourly RDCP calibration data of waves obtained near the Harilaid Peninsula, which yielded the hindcast for 1966-2006 (Table 1; Suursaar & Kullas 2009).