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There were no such countries in 1990 (RDDE, 2006, p.
These countries were Andorra, Denmark, Ireland, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands, San Marino, Sweden and Switzerland (RDDE, 2006, p.
In 2000, the difference between the highest (Iceland) and the lowest (Ukraine) total fertility rate in Europe, Albania and Turkey excluded, was still practically one child per woman (RDDE, 2005, p.
In particular years between 1997 and 2001 which are included in the table 5 the percentages of [T.sub.a] in [T.sub.f] were 24.5 in Denmark, 35.9 in Sweden, 27.5 in UK, 22.5 in France, 17.9 in Germany and 26.9 in Italy (RDDE, 2005).