RDDSResearch and Development Descriptive Summaries (US DoD)
RDDSRecoil Distance Doppler Shift
RDDSR & D Design Services Ltd (UK)
RDDSRegional Desk-top Distributed Simulation (USCINCPAC initiative to improve simulation exercises)
RDDSRadar Data Distribution System
RDDSRange Data Distribution System
RDDSRDT&E Descriptive Summary
RDDSReserve Dental Data System (USAF)
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Several transformation operations are performed on each partition in RDDs. For k input GeoTiFF remote sensing images, the algorithm will first parse the dimension of them.
RDDs [21] are distributed memory abstractions that allow programmers to perform in-memory computations on large clusters while retaining the fault tolerance of data flow models like MapReduce.
To perform the reading, the binaryFiles function is used, generating the corresponding RDD files.
RDDs are well-suited for data-parallel batch analytics applications, including data mining, machine learning, and graph algorithms, because these programs naturally perform the same operation on many records.
Beyond RDDs, however, a physical or cyberattack on an NPP and particularly on a spent fuel pond, which contains the most radioactive materials on earth, could trigger an environmental disaster on this level.
Finally, like all RDDs, the study is unable to address whether and to what degree gains measured in kindergarten are sustained long term.
Since RDDs are no more complicated than an improvised explosive device, the Islamic State certainly has the capability to develop them.
In the past, the MCB fulfilled this role; its movement control teams (MCTs) accepted logistics movement requests from customers and determined the cargo's mode of transportation based on the cargo's RDD, the cargo's value and sensitivity, enemy activity, higher headquarters guidance, and shipment cost.
[2] This gene has also been implicated in other more severe recessive RDDs, termed ABCA4-related retinopathies (AARs).