RDELResource Departmental Expenditure Limit (UK)
RDELReliance Defence & Engineering Limited (India)
RDELResidential Direct Exchange Line
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Where we differ is that we assume government consumption and investment broadly evolves inline with the OBR's projections, which are implicitly assumed to be the government's current plan for RDEL spending over the next five fiscal years.
The tail opening also leads to the exposure of the RDEL sequence to the KDEL receptors, which, in turn, allows the KDEL receptor/ERp44/cargo complex to be brought back to the ER (Figure 3, inset (a)).
Of all the parametric tests, the two that provide the best indication of early life failures for relays are RDEL and contact resistance twist.
Additionally, the use of Bt genes to develop insect-resistant transgenic plants has proven to be highly effective, and may be an important alternative for the control of sucking insect pests, such as RDel.
The Chancellor announced the reversal of some of the additional cuts to Resource Departmental expenditure Limits (RDELs) that had been planned in the Emergency Budget.