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RDFARoyal Dublin Fusiliers Association (Ireland)
RDFAResource Description Framework attributes
RDFARed Death from Above (video game move)
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L], can be also retrieved exploiting RDFa and microformat in web pages, relevant to the types in T (if available).
The second, Rich Snippets, uses open microformats and RDFa (Resource Description Framework attributes) standards to enrich search results with information such as reviews and prices for restaurants or job titles and locations for people.
The second approach requires that publishers use markup languages such as RDFa and microformats to embed formal metadata in documents.
US) is HQ for Miami Beach FL web developer Bruce Arnold (786-326-8079), the expert-rated South Florida web designer to choose for native, hybrid or HTML5 Mobile Web apps and device-aware responsive web design (#RWD/#ReSS) that is W3C HTML/CSS3 validated, WAI/WCAG accessibility checked, I18n issue-free handcoded PHP/MySQL and jQuery/JavaScript with embedded media and Semantic Web RDFa metadata or Schema.