RDINRegional Data and Intelligence Network (UK)
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Where: NB = drawbar power (kW); Q = traction force (daN); v = real travel speed (km [h.sup.-1]); Ft = tangential force of the driving wheel set (daN); RTk = rolling resistance moment (daN); vt = theoretical travel speed (km [h.sup.-1]); [delta] = drive wheel slip (decimal); Mm = engine torque at the flywheel (daN.m); [eta]t=transmission efficiency (decimal); it = ratio of transmission between engine and driving wheels (dimensionless); rdin = dynamic radius of driving wheels (m); [pi] = constant ; (3.141592); and n = engine speed (rpm).
If the rate of depreciation of knowledge capital is assumed to be negligible, TFP growth (DTFP) is a function of the "intensity" of R&D investment (RDINT), which is usually measured as the ratio of R&D expenditure to sales: (1) DTF [P.sub.t] = [Alpha] + [Beta] RDIN [T.sub.t] + [u.sub.t] where [u.sub.t] is a classical disturbance term.
He said: "Yet again, we see another rip-off HGV training broker bite the rdin dust.
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