RDKSRegional District of Kitimat-Stikine (British Columbia; Canada)
RDKSRigas Doma Kora Skola (Latvian: Riga Dome Choir School)
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Figure 4 shows the response differences across the orientation to the RDKs, acquisition dots, and lizards.
The previous attempts in Experiment 1A had shown that subjects were at least interested in the RDKs. Upon modifying some technical features, we had demonstrated in Experiment 1B that subjects may acquire the basic task procedure using coherence as a discriminating visual feature.
Lizards were able to use variations in both speed and coherence of the RDKs as measures to predict the appearance of an invertebrate in the correct direction using measures of accuracy [F(7, 49) = 221.578, p < .05] and latency [F(7, 49) = 172.9:23, p < .05].
The central system consisted of an iMac connected to a LaCie hard drive containing RDK stimuli.