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RDLReal Decreto Legislativo (Spanish: Royal Decree)
RDLReport Definition Language
RDLReal Decreto Ley (Spanish: Royal Decree Law)
RDLRadio Design Labs (professional audio manufacturing)
RDLRecord Definition Language
RDLRemote Digital Loopback
RDLRequired Delimiter
RDLReusable Data Language
RDLReference Data and Class Library
RDLRégie du Logement (French; Canadian housing authority)
RDLRefrigerated Display Lighting (commercial lighting)
RDLReimer Digital Library (General Dennis J. Reimer Training and Doctrine Digital Library)
RDLRomanian Dead Lift (athletics)
RDLRemote Data Logging
RDLRockefeller Drug Laws
RDLRadio Data Link
RDLRational Drug List (medicines)
RDLRemote Desktop License (Microsoft)
RDLReportable Detection Limit
RDLRespirator Decision Logic (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)
RDLRadio Dreyeckland Libre (German radio station)
RDLRiddell Sports, Inc. (stock symbol)
RDLReliable Detection Limit
RDLRole Definition Language
RDLRewrite and Decision procedure Laboratory
RDLRevenus Disponibles Localisés (French: Localized Available Income)
RDLRe-Distribution Layer
RDLRe-Useable Data Language
RDLRaleigh Dart League (North Carolina)
RDLRoyal Drugs Limited (Nepal)
RDLRapid Deployment Launcher
RDLRythmes et Danses Lucéens (French dance school)
RDLRail Dynamics Laboratory
RDLRadar Doesn't Lie
RDLReal Dirty Look (Marine slang)
RDLRéalisation et Diffusion de Logiciels (French: Production and Distribution Software)
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Despite the warning given, the groups noted that 'RDL Cosmetic Laboratory, Inc.' should not be confused by the 'RDL Pharmaceutical Laboratory, Inc.,' a legitimate company and seller of cosmetic products.
Hence, if CTF testing can immediately address solder defects when any, even one, occurs in that large CTF pBGA area, then continuous screening as monitored by AOI systems can produce RDL to desired levels.
The certification was issued by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) International Bureau (Madrid), meaning the company can use and carry the name of RDL (Robert D.
The Kenya Revenue Authority charges 2.5 per cent of the value of consignment as IDF, while RDL introduced on imports in 2013 to help repay the Standard Gauge Railway loans is charged at 1.
"Under this MoU, RDL and ADSB are investigating the opportunity to set up a strategic partnership for construction of naval ships, including frigates, destroyers and other specialised vessels, to address the demand of the Gulf Cooperation Council ( GCC) over the next 10 years," a statement Zomato
Considering the average RDL of 'Tommy Atkins' mango, regardless of management strategy under micro-sprinklers (Figure 4A), the RDL is included in the 2.5 m away from the trunk and the highest density is concentrated from 0.50 to 1.50 distance from the plant and from 0.20 to 0.90 m depth in the soil, that indicates suitable locations for sensor placement for water content evaluation for irrigation scheduling and locations for solid fertilizer application.
Dan Ihrke used several of the RDL prototypes--as you read this, the units are just now coming on the market--during the outdoor session of the training seminar.
Since 2009 RDL has attracted audiences of around 10 million people to stunning events in Nantes, Berlin, Santiago, Antwerp and Guadalajara.
But it is inspired by a moving letter written by a real Liverpool girl whose father was a steward on the tragic maiden voyage of the Titanic, with RDL promising a touching story of love, loss, family and communication.
("Redline [http://www.rdlcom.com ]") (TSX: RDL), a leading global provider of specialized broadband wireless systems, has announced the availability of its high end licensed microwave product the RDL-5000, a high capacity, high power, packet microwave radio platform for Telecom backhaul and large enterprise connectivity.
The unit provides 3D (height) and 2D measurement and inspection of micro and standard bumps, through silicon via (TSV) post-via-fill copper protrusions (nails) and re-distribution layers (RDL) used in 3D IC packaging.
In light of this, in May 2010 the Spanish Government passed Royal Decree-Law 8/2010, of May 20, on extraordinary measures to reduce Government deficit (RDL 8/2010), which entered into force on 25 May.