RDoFResponsible Drawdown of Forces (US Army)
RDoFRegional Director of Finance (various companies)
RDoFRotational Degrees of Freedom (structural dynamics)
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Together, we have already accomplished something that many said we could not do: We have executed the RDoF with precision even while bringing home more equipment and personnel than the Army has since leaving Europe and the Pacific after World War II.
However, even though Operation New Dawn has begun, we continue to set conditions for the final RDoF.
As we are planning for the final RDoF, we must effectively and efficiently execute daily sustainment operations for a force structure that consists of just under 50,000 servicemembers and 75,000 civilian contractors.
Thus, the RDoF is not just the retrograde of rolling and nonrolling stock.
The advise and assist brigades (AABs) that have assumed our OE and the rest of Iraq will have less combat power to accomplish the task of providing security to the population of Iraq and protecting the force during RDOF. In order for the AABs to be successful at pursuing the enemy, they will need to maintain the partnerships with the ISF that allow them to continue to educate the ISF on crime scene preservation and evidence exploitation.
To further illustrate the challenges of the RDoF in Iraq, we must consider each of the JP 4-0 joint logistics capabilities and highlight a few of the major synchronization issues theater logisticians faced.
The supply capability became critical during RDoF as MNC-I reduced stocks and trimmed equipment numbers to the precise levels required for the footprint of 50,000 troops by August 2010 and eliminated unnecessary inflow of commodities to match endstate force requirements.
These two examples, importing fuel and exporting retrograde equipment, clearly illustrate how expeditious supply transactions, synchronized across the theater, helped us retain operational capability while also meeting the RDoF and theater engagement goals.