RDR2Red Dead Redemption 2 (gaming)
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Trust me, if the gamer in your life doesn't already own RDR2, they want to - and it's also the best gift to give if you want to see very little of them next year.
BARGAIN BUY: PS49.98 from amazon.co.uk SPLASH CASH: Authentic RDR2 Gunslinger jacket PS200 from barkingirons-uk.com FORZA HORIZON 4 (XBOX ONE) FORZA Horizon 4 so lovingly recreates the winding lanes and treelined roads of the British Isles, that you feel a patriotic rankle when you see non-Brits driving on the right.
If you have however, then you will get an in-depth look at the background of the protagonist of RDR2, Arthur Morgan.
The guiding joy of "RDR2" comes from hanging with your fellow outlaws, whether on a mission that sees you getting in or out of trouble or partaking in a bit of downtime at one of the campsites that acts as the gang's temporary home.
If you picked up RDR2 expecting a quick playthrough, you've chosen the wrong game, as just rushing the story will take you upwards of 60 hours.
Everything that fans enjoyed from the first "Red Dead Redemption" they should expect to be part of RDR2. However, the sequel will add some new elements.
Leaked concept art purportedly taken from the webpage of a former Rockstar staffer, seems to suggest that RDR2 is, at the very least, in the concept stages.
But while RDR2 is bent on offering a grounded experience packed with realism, Just Cause's fourth instalment is keen to carry on the franchise's ethos of player-led physics-based mayhem.
According to (https://www.rdr2.com/news/red-dead-redemption-2-release-date/) RDR2.com , British online store Littlewoods may not have received the memo from Rockstar to withhold details about its game, especially the title's release date.
Zelnick then discussed how it's the perfect time for RDR2 to succeed just like how the original "Red Dead Redemption" did back in 2010.