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RDRAMRAMBUS Dynamic Random Access Memory
RDRAMRambus Dynamic Ram
RDRAMRambus Direct Ram
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2, 2010) ("Rambus licenses RDRAM technology to manufacturing partners, but does not sell components or modules.").
Micron rejected RambusE claims yesterday, saying in a statement that, oRambus failed in the marketplace because of excessive manufacturing costs and minimal RDRAM demand.”
RDRAM provides the high-bandwidth memory and fast access time required for these and other data-intensive applications.
This type of memory boasts higher speeds than PC133 SDRAM and unlike proprietary Rambus RDRAM, it is an industry standard part.
Also standard are integrated Ultra 160 SCSI and Ultra ATA/100 controllers, 800 MHz ECC RDRAM memory, and a choice of a 48X Max CD-ROM or 16X DVD-ROM drive.
Also, systems configured with 4GB of RAM using SDRAM are much less expensive than those configured with RDRAM.
The enhanced Intel 850E chipset has a dual-channel PC 1066 RDRAM memory while the Intel 845GE has a 266MHz graphics clock, a 533MHz or 400MHz system bus and DDR333 main memory support.
The RIMM 4200 module integrates two RDRAM memory channels to deliver 4.2GB/s of memory bandwidth from a single module.
Since late 1996, Intel has been promoting memory from Rambus (called RDRAM) for use in the newest, fastest PCs.
One problem with Pentium 4 chips was the requirement to use RDRAM. Rambus dynamic RAM (random access memory) was four times as expensive as SD-RAM (synchronous dynamic random access memory).
Current hardware components include: Operating System Windows NT 4.0 Workstat on Processor 1.4 GHz Pentium 4 Memory 256 MB RDRAM Hard Drive 40 GB Video Card NVidia GeForce 2 MX Sound Card Creative CT 4870 Sound Blaster Live!