RDRPRNA-dependent RNA Polymerase
RDRPRestrictions Dispute Resolution Policy
RDRPRNA-Directed RNA Polymerase (gene)
RDRPRestrictions Dispute Resolution Policy (Internet domain names)
RDRPRegistered DOD (Department of Defense) RMS (Risk Management Framework) Practitioner
RDRPRapid Debt-Repayment Plan
RDRPRacing Dog Rescue Project
RDRPResponse Document Resynchronize Positive
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We amplified a 0.5-kb fragment of the RdRp gene of sand fly-borne phleboviruses using degenerated primers (25).
For AltMV-SP isolates derived from tobacco Nicotiana benthamiana the symptom severity was shown to correlate with sequence differences of the replicase (RdRp) and Triple Gene Block protein 1 (TGBp1) [23].
The mechanism of the interaction of favipiravir-RTP with RdRp molecule has not been fully elucidated.
Keywords: Picobirnavirus, RdRp gene, RT-PCR, New primers, Sensitivity, Specificity, Genogroups.
A potential mechanism that norovirus utilizes to evade host immunity is genetic recombination at the overlapping regions between the RdRp of ORF1 and the capsid protein encoding gene (ORF2), ORF1/ORF2 junction [9].
Por otro lado, el segmento B codifica para el polipeptido VP1 de 94 kDa que corresponde a la ARN polimerasa dependiente de ARN (RdRp).
5D) as was electron microscopy using negative staining and Western blot analysis with an antibody preparation to the RdRp (data not shown).
ORF1 encodes the nonstructural proteins, including a methyl transferase (MT), cysteine protease (P), helicase (Hel), and RNA polymerase (RdRp), as well as three regions of unknown function (Y, PPR, and X).
The NP-P complex is thought to be the substrate used by the RdRp to initiate the encapsidation of the nascent RNA chain during viral replication [19, 20].
Murakami, "Sequence determination and phylogenetic analysis of RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) of the porcine enterovirus 1 (PEV-1) Talfan strain," Archives of Virology, vol.