RDSMResidential Demand Side Management (energy efficiency)
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It also represents a great addition to the company's SuperShuttle and taxi operations in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins, the statement said.Country: USA, Sector: Road Transport/Freight TransportTarget: RDSM Transportation LLCBuyer: Veolia Transportation On Demand, Veolia Transportation IncType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
Two types of floodplain are found at the RDSM: (1) areas located between the Auati-Parana and Parana-Aranapu rivers (Subsidiary Area), which make up 85% of the entire reserve, constituted mainly by terrains of Pleistocene origin, and (2) the floodplains between Parana do Aranapu and the confluence of the Solimoes and Japura rivers (Focal Area), of Holocene origin (AYRES, 1995).
According to Queiroz (1999), the Jaraua includes approximately 60% of the lakes the entire RDSM focal area.
Data on the precise location of the lakes at RDSM and the limnologic parameters were acquired from the database of the Mamiraua Institute for Sustainable Development (IDSM), collected during studies of fish communities at RDSM (QUEIROZ, 2007) in 78 lakes from lake systems Mamiraua and Jaraua (Table 1).
Water transparency data, measured by the visual disappearance depth of the Secchi disk (SEC), were collected during the dry (NL = 5 m) and flood (NL = 15 m) periods in 78 lakes (n-sampling) of the Mamiraua and Jaraua systems (SIST) within the RDSM. Aside from these parameters, in this study the following data were used: water electric conductivity (CD), surface temperature (TS), bottom temperature (TF), hydrogen-ion potential (pH), dissolved oxygen concentration (OD) and water current flow (FCA).
Model 2 predicts that 64% of water transparency variation in RDSM lakes is explained by a set of four variables: positively by the variation in water level and conductivity--a higher NL and CD, a greater transparency of water; and negatively by the variation in bottom temperature and pH--a lower TF and more acidic lake water, a greater value of depth of the visual disappearance of Secchi disk.
The best set of variables that explain the water transparency variation in the lakes of systems Solimoes and Jaraua at the RDSM were positively water level and conductivity; that is, the higher value of these variables increased the visual disappearance depth of Secchi disk, and negatively the bottom temperature and the pH, the higher bottom temperature and pH, lower water transparency.
A Reserva de Desenvolvimento Sustentavel Mamiraua (RDSM), com uma area de 1.124.000 ha, foi a primeira Unidade de Conservacao desta categoria implantada no Brasil (Decreto Estadual no.
A RDSM se diferencia da sua vizinha, a RDSA, por localizar-se em uma area de abundancia de agua.
A analise dos dados cartograficos pre-existentes da RDSM confirmou os problemas relatados pelos entrevistados, pois havia erros estruturais referentes a topologia dos poligonos e no cadastro das toponimias.