RDTSRange Digital Transmission System
RDTSRapid Drug Test Systems (Johnson City, NY)
RDTSRapid Data Transmission System
RDTSRadar Data Transfer System
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In general, malaria RDTs have frequently performed well in diagnostic trials, but unexplained poor sensitivity has also been recorded in some fields and laboratory trials.
RDTs do not deteriorate with high humidity and temperature
Dr Heptinstall said disposable RDTs are too costly for developing countries at EUR2 per person, whereas the new device has no running costs.
Now data from the RDTs is transmitted directly into a database, freeing the clerks to focus on keeping assets moving rather than re-entering sometimes cryptically hand-written information.
To use RDTs in these systems, the computers must all be connected to a network.
When a batch comes off the production line, its bar-code information is scanned by an RDT into the WMS.
Deployment of RDTs in the local access area is the other key issue.
They had compared malaria tests results using RDTs with that using a microscope, the gold standard for malaria diagnosis, and found it actually gave false negative results.
Evaluation of RDTs. For the evaluation performances of RDT, two lateral flow immunochromatographic tests for NS1 antigen detection, ProDetect Dengue Duo NS1 Antigen IgG/IgM rapid test (Mediven) and SD BIOLINE Dengue Duo[R] rapid test, were tested.
To determine the comparative species prevalence by multispecies rapid diagnostic test (RDT) and blood-smear microscopy, we conducted a cross-sectional survey of 631 children <5 years of age during the low transmission season of 2014 in 3 districts in southwestern Uganda (Mbarara, Bushenyi, and Isingiro) (Figure).
The Global Health Investment Fund (GHIF) announced today that it has provided a US$6 million [A$8.5 million] loan to Atomo Diagnostics (Atomo) to support scale-up of Atomo's production operations and expansion of commercial activities related to the AtomoRapid[TM] rapid diagnostic test (RDT) platform.
Some scholars argued to move to laboratory confirmed (RTD based) diagnosis for younger children.20 While Mike English and colleagues thought the sub-Optimal sensitively of RDTs in routine use increases the risk of missing true malaria case.19 The risk of missing a malaria case due to a false-negative test is substantially smaller than the risk of the patient dying due to another severe disease because of the focus on malaria.20