RDWCRemote Desktop Web Connection
RDWCRecirculating Deep Water Culture (plant production method)
RDWCRyukyu Domestic Water Corporation
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But in our study 15 and 30 ppm Sodyum fluoride increased RBC counts, HGB concentration, HCT, RDWC.
Although RBC, HCT and HGB values increased with 15 and 30 ppm NaF in our study, significant increase in erythrocyte fragility in those groups indicate an untoward erythrocyte production which is also supported with increased RDWC.
HGB and RDWC in all groups with DMBA were found lower than other groups.
RDWC in NaF30ppm (pa$?0.001) and NaF15ppm (pa$?0.01) and in all groups with DMBA (pa$?0.05) were obtained significant increase compared to other groups and the highest value was in NaF30ppm group.
The membership of RDWCs is based on community elections, which are merely a political processes, and are not underpinned by the need to promote pluralism and diversity in the radio station.
According to Nigel Johnson, a Jesuit priest and one of the founders of the station, each of the 29 RDWCs has "one representative on Radio Dialogue General Council, the highest policy making structure of the station to which the Trustees report" (Jonson interview, 2011).
The RDWCs also meet independently in the wards conference twice a year prior to the general council meetings so as to gather and refine the views of the community about the station and its role in highlighting local issues of public interest.
In terms of content participation, 24 of the 29 RDWCs are actively involved in the station's content production.
For instance, RDWCs independently organize live broadcast meetings in their community halls, where the station then "puts on a show on a topic selected by the local people who invite participants" (Johnson interview, 2011).
Initially, most alerts used to come from RDWCs who acted more like our citizen journalists.