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Each caught the scent spoor of the woman within, and each reacted according to his temperament and his habits of thought.
Mile after mile Tarzan of the Apes put slowly behind him, borne up by sheer force of will where a lesser man would have lain down to die and rest forever tired muscles whose every move was an agony of effort; but at last his progress became practically mechanical--he staggered on with a dazed mind that reacted numbly to a single urge--on, on, on!
Her cleanness and purity had reacted upon him, and he felt in his being a crying need to be clean.
From his one eye Bukawai could see; but had he had a dozen eyes he could have found no beauty in the fresh sweetness of the revivified jungle, for to such things, in the chemistry of temperament, his brain failed to react; nor, even had he had a nose, which he had not for years, could he have found enjoyment or sweetness in the clean-washed air.
We were very surprised when we found that the shark system reacts completely differently to stimuli," admits Julius.
Christmas Day will see the tensions finally erupt, and Jessie says her character will react badly to the betrayal.
One of those pathways, as you mention, first creates sulfurous acid that then reacts with oxygen to make sulfuric acid In the other set of reactions, sulfur dioxide reacts with oxygen to make sulfur trioxide, which then reacts with water to create sulfuric acid.--Sid Perkins
The binders may react with one another, water and other contaminants.
"Oh no, here comes that huge hill," "I don't feel well," "This is going to be hard," "I ate too much today," "I hate hills!" This thought process caused her body to react with signs of anxiety and stress.
"Just when it thinks it's reacted well to one problem, another springs up."
Here's a way into that question: Imagine, for a moment, what it feels like to react. Something happens--a diktat arrives from JCAHO or HCFA, a patient slips out of your grasp, a teenage child turns sullen and stubborn.
Ozone in the lower atmosphere often reacts with water to form hydroxyl radicals.