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READEXReadiness Exercise
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Ive personally worked with Readex for a number of years in the publishing industry, and I know how well-respected they are, Gruhn says.
By enabling college students and faculty to search more than 10 million 20th-century newspaper pages, the archives will present opportunities for fresh insight and new findings in many areas of study," Readex President David Braden said in a statement.
Landis, European Americana: A Chronological Guide to Works Printed in Europe Relating to the Americas, 1493-1776 (New York: Readex Books, 1980); Edward Godfrey Cox, A Reference Guide to the Literature of Travel: Including Voyages, Geographical Descriptions, Adventures, Shipwrecks and Expeditions, 3 vols.
The microcard technology used by Readex in the enormously significant English and American Drama collection, before that technology was overtaken by microfiche, is in serious danger of being lost, put in storage, or jettisoned.
2) While original copies of Greenly s book are now exceedingly rare, it was photographically reproduced in the 1970 Readex microform collection English and American Drama of the Nineteenth Century, though again without mention of Greenly's race or background.
These texts are available in Readex microprint at the American Antiquarian Society.
Aggregate finishes are nosing out plaster as the most preferred finish, according to an exclusive Pool & Spa News survey conducted by Readex Research of Stillwater, Minn.
com (a division of Readex Research), to administered, analyzed, and reported the results.
The survey was developed through the collaborative efforts of NASW, CSAT, the Lewin Group, and Readex, Inc.
The report, sponsored by our publisher, Hanley Wood, LLC, and conducted by Readex Research, an independent research company in Stillwater, Minn.
American Antiquarian Society (New York: Readex Microprint, 1981-82), No.