READITRapid Environment and Development International Timetable
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Before READIT, scientists' choice for genotyping included low-throughput, labor-intensive methods and high-throughput, expensive ones.
When he asked the errant husband to provide a list of his infidelities, he replied that he would do so when the lawyer had a spare week to readit." You'll receive your cheque when I print your verified answer, Cheryl.
These methods include allele-specific oligonucleotide hybridization, PCR RFLP, allele-specific PCR, Line Probe Assays (reverse dot blots), Invader (Third Wave Technologies), ReadIT (Promega), Nanochips (Nanogen), Homogenous PGR (includes TaqMan and Molecular Beacon) and many others.
READIT: a novel technology used in the interrogation of nucleic acid sequences for single-nucleotide polymorphisms.
``If I wrote it myself, no-one would readit,'' he says.
When he had faltered toa close, the great actor,deeply moved,declared: ``I read it as ifI knew the psalm but he readit as if he knew the Shepherd.''