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READYReal-Time Environmental Applications and Display System (NOAA)
READYResources for Educating about Deployment and You (US Army)
READYRead, Educate and Develop Youth (Michigan Department of Education)
READYResource Augmentation Duty
READYRochester Evaluation of Asset Development for Youth (program evaluation tool)
READYRigorous Educational Assistance for Deserving Youth (Morristown, NJ)
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And on they went, till the job was quite done, and the shoes stood ready for use upon the table.
just as the Adams had received her complement of men, and the two vessels were ready for sea, news came from Commodore Chauncey, commanding on Lake Ontario, that a reinforcement of seamen was wanted in that quarter.
Grendel indeed was slain, but his mother, an ogre almost as fierce as he, was ready to avenge him.
They were on board when the Henrietta made ready to weigh anchor.
This bar of the uncle being now removed (though young Nightingale knew not as yet in what manner), and all parties being quickly ready, the mother, Mr Jones, Mr Nightingale, and his love, stept into a hackney-coach, which conveyed them to Doctors' Commons; where Miss Nancy was, in vulgar language, soon made an honest woman, and the poor mother became, in the purest sense of the word, one of the happiest of all human beings.
Price, or the good offices of Rebecca, everything was rationally and duly accomplished, and the girls were ready for the morrow.
"You mean when Ready asked him if we were out of our course?
So, if you're ready, boys, we'll just waltz down to Thompson's and pack up the shanty.
She said that when she told those people I was The Boss, it hit them where they lived: "smote them sore with fear and dread" was her word; and then they were ready to put up with anything she might require.
I watched for his coming; and he found his meat cooked and ready. If he rose to go forth, there was nothing to delay him.
When all was ready, the sabers stuck in the snow to mark the barriers, and the pistols loaded, Nesvitski went up to Pierre.
Even as Tarzan opened his eyes he was upon his feet, his spear grasped firmly in his hand and ready for attack.